8th Street is a place that brings people together.
It rises to the occasion.

We’re big when we need to be and small when the projects demand it. 8th Street embraces the Midwestern work ethic shared by founders, Steve DeVore and Jonathan Nowak.

8th Street was formed in early 2012 with the belief that there was another way to make things, to say yes to the projects we wanted to do, and to make the process enjoyable.

And use our Midwestern roots to keep us humble.

We’ve collaborated with every size of agency – from the big name to the new name. We’ve worked with other major production companies. We’ve seen other ways to do this. We took the best lessons and plugged them into 8th Street.

8th Street has done it all.

Yes, all of it.
We’re not trying to brag. It’s true.
Okay, maybe not VR – not yet.
But we’re ready to give it a whirl.